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Monster Studs

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners are used in a variety of ways, from automotive, marine and construction to aerospace. The most common types include nuts, bolts and washers. Each type has its own unique properties that make it more or less suitable for certain applications.

The majority of stainless steel fasteners are made up of chromium nickel alloyed with other elements such as chrome and molybdenum to improve corrosion resistance and strength. Many have an additional coating applied to protect them from oxidation, making them suitable for use in harsh environments such as salt water or acidic environments like those found on oil rigs or chemical plants.

Marine Fasteners

Marine fasteners are used in marine applications, such as boats, ships and offshore structures. Marine fasteners are made with corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or galvanized steel.


Fasteners are an important part of the world around us, from leak-proof seals to watertight hulls. Monster Studs allow you to reliably keep all your boat or yacht's devices mounted better than any screw ever could. Monster Studs also make it possible to quickly & easily remove/reinstall any device for service, maintenance or replacement if need be - all without damaging mounting surfaces ever again. Screwing stuff into fiberglass is lame! Mount anything, anywhere! Why screw around? Endless applications, endless benefits.

Please visit our friends at World's Best Adhesive Marine Fastener - Monster Studs – MONSTER STUDS for a quick cost-effective solution for your fasteners needs.

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