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The Beauty of BILGE-B-DRY - The World’s Only Smart Dry-Bilge System!

You have your Smartphone at your fingertips. You can turn the lights on in your home, open your garage, and adjust your air conditioning, all with the click of an App. You should have the same functionality with the electronics on your boat! BILGE-B-DRY is the world’s only smart-device enabled, dry-bilge system! With the BILGE-B-DRY App, you can customize and schedule the daily operation of BILGE-B-DRY so your bilge can stay permanently clean!

A wet bilge is the number one cause of cabin odors. Even a few inches of standing water can increase the growth of bacteria and mold in the bilge. This water can become trapped in hard-to-reach areas of the bilge, or in areas which don’t drain properly. Even if your boat does not have a cabin, excess bilge water can still lead to rust and corrosion. Wash-down water, sea spray, and heavy rainwater can all lead to excess water in your bilge. If your boat sits on a trailer or lift, rainwater can easily penetrate the hull, and your boat could have several inches of water in it for an extended period of time.

Do you remember the last time you forgot to empty the ice from your cooler and returned weeks later to a cooler lined with thick, black mold and the hassle of cleaning it with bleach or vinegar? With BILGE-B-DRY’s automated system, you won’t ever have to clean your bilge again! No more crouching in awkward positions to clean with a shop-vac or using ozone generators to mask the smell! Eliminate your bilge odors and mildew at the source with BILGE-B-DRY. Run the unit as often or as little as you need to, no matter where your boat is located! You won’t be disappointed when you purchase the most efficient, dry-bilge system on the market! Stay on the lookout for current sales and coupons!

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