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Why Should You Choose BILGE-B-DRY Over The Competition?

BILGE-B-DRY is a complete, all-in-one dry bilge solution which includes easy programming and simple installation.

Use BILGE-B-DRY to remove excess water from your bilge or other areas you choose, and take advantage of:

**The lowest priced (smart) dry bilge system on the market

**The only dry bilge pump with Smart phone connectivity to program how often your pump runs.

**A uniquely compact design for easy installation in tight or awkward spaces. No special tools required.

**Low maintenance time and cost. You only need to replace the low profile bilge pick ups once or twice a year.

**An environmentally friendly low profile pick up design with a proprietary filter system.

**Exceptional, prompt customer service and a 1-year product warranty.

Choose BILGE-B-DRY to complement your primary bilge pump and enjoy a clean, fresh smelling, and water-free boat today!

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