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Low-profile bilge water pickup (qty 2)

This order includes TWO (2) low-profile bilge water pickups.


Our uniquely designed low-profile bilge water pickup with an integrated filter helps reduce harmful overboard discharge of heavy metals, solids, and petroleum. Place the pickups wherever you wish to remove water, such as the lowest part of your bilge, A/C evaporator or hard-to-reach compartments. Twenty small holes along the bottom of the pickup provide a debris barrier. If water flow is reduced, this area can easily be wiped clean. The pickup’s integrated filter contains a proprietary blend of materials to prevent damage to the BILGE-B-DRY pump and to reduce oil discharge, which unlike other dry bilge systems, eliminates the need for a secondary filter. Please note: large amounts of petroleum (oil or diesel) will quickly saturate the pickup filter material and impact flow performance.


For optimum performance of your BILGE-B-DRY unit, replace the low-profile bilge water pickups every three months.


This order does not include the hold-down bracket.  Bracket sold separately.


Note: If your bilge is excessively dirty or experienced a significant oil spill in the past, the pickup filter will become saturated, restricting water flow and will require replacement.  Excessive oil will cause a "viscosity lock" of the BILGE-B-DRY pump.

Low-profile bilge water pickup (qty 2)

SKU: BWP-2023-001
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Dimensions (inches):

  • Rectangular Pickup: 0.98 H x 2.4 W x 3.9 L


Dimensions (mm):

  • Rectangular Pickup: 50 H x 60 W x 100 L
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