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EVACUATOR+ Blower Control

What is the EVACUATOR+ Blower Control?

EVACUATOR+ Blower Control is a uniquely designed control module with Smart Device connectivity to control your boat’s onboard blower motor for customized operation.  Using the EVACUATOR+ Mobile App or Bluetooth connection, you can cycle air through your boat’s confined spaces on a daily schedule.  Daily use of your onboard blower will reduce:

  • Fumes/vapors
  • Humidity
  • Heat
  • Mold
  • Condensation
  • Odor
  • Corrosion




The EVACUATOR+ Mobile App includes a “Run on Demand” single use option, as well as an automated “Run on Connect” and “Run on Disconnect” feature on the Timer menu.  When choosing either feature, your EVACUATOR+ App must remain running in the background.  The “Run on Demand” option allows for single use of EVACUATOR+ for 15-60 minutes.  Turn this option on or off when needed.  If “Run on Connect” is enabled on your Mobile App, EVACUATOR+ will automatically run your blower for 15 minutes upon establishing a Bluetooth connection (approx. 30 feet).  If “Run on Disconnect” is enabled, EVACUATOR+ will automatically run your blower for 30 minutes when leaving your boat for the day.


**For example, the “Run on Connect” feature will automatically run your blower for 15 minutes while you are loading your boating gear (within 30 feet), allowing for a safer, more efficient departure routine.  On the other hand, after a long day on the water, the “Run on Disconnect” feature enables blower operation for 30 minutes, even when your wireless connection is lost. You can unload your gear, wash your boat, and leave the dock knowing your onboard blower will be cycling fresh, clean air to your engine room as you walk away.**


Scheduling Operation:


EVACUATOR+ allows for customization of up to five Daily Schedules to run your boat’s onboard blower.   Schedule your blower to run up to five times a day in 10-60 minute increments.  You will see a noticeable reduction in moisture, odor and corrosion when EVACUATOR+ cycles air through your boat’s confined spaces more frequently.


Two EVACUATOR+ Blower Control Options:

  • The 12vdc controller provides 12vdc power to operate your onboard blower at full RPM. This unit will also connect and power your solenoid in a multiple blower application.


  • The 5vdc controller reduces power to 5vdc to operate your onboard blower at a slower RPM.  The slower RPM results in lower dB operation, which reduces noise fatigue and power consumption and prolongs your blower life.


  • Installation Instructions
  • Note: The Onboard Bilge Blower Motor is NOT INCLUDED! The EVACUATOR+ Blower Control installs "inline" with your existing blower or solenoid.


EVACUATOR+ Blower Control

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Control board

  • Relay specifications: DC 30V 10A
  • Static current: 20mA
  • Working current: 50mA
  • Working voltage: 12V [10-16V]
  • Life expectancy: 100,000 cycles
  • Working temperature: - 40 ~ 85 °C
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