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Is Your Boat Ready for Summer?

Summer is almost here!  Is your boat ready? 

BILGE-B-DRY is your dry bilge solution if you are experiencing excess water accumulation in sections of your bilge or hard-to-reach compartments.


Moisture can get into your boat’s bilge through various means. Here are some common ways:

  1. Leaks in the hull: If there are any cracks, holes, or damage to your hull, water can seep in.

  2. Loose or damaged Seals: Seals around windows, doors, and other openings can deteriorate over time, allowing water to enter.

  3. Rainwater: Rain can accumulate on the deck and flow into your bilge, especially if the drainage is poor or blocked.

  4. Rough seas: Water from waves and spray can enter through scuppers, hatches, or any open areas on your boat.

  5. Condensation: Temperature changes can cause condensation inside your boat, which then drips down into the bilge.

  6. Plumbing leaks: Any onboard systems that use water, like sinks or showers, can leak into your bilge if there are issues with the plumbing.

  7. Damaged bellows: On sterndrive boats, the bellows can crack and allow water to enter.

It is important to regularly check these areas and maintain your boat to prevent excess water accumulation in the bilge. A properly functioning bilge pump is also crucial to remove any water that does get in, and a dry bilge system will help remove the last few inches of water that a regular bilge pump cannot remove. Remember, even small amounts of water can indicate a larger issue, so it’s best to address any leaks or moisture as soon as possible.

BILGE-B-DRY is the only Smart Device enabled, dry bilge system on the market!  Download the FREE Mobile App and choose how often or little you run BILGE-B-DRY.  With 1-4 pumps to choose from, a compact design, easy installation and superior customer service, BILGE-B-DRY is the dry bilge answer you have been searching for.

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