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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Why is a completely dry bilge important? A dry bilge prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew in your boat and decreases buildup of rust and corrosion. Less interior boat odors and mold occur with a dry bilge, which contributes to the overall cleanliness of your cabin. Remember - water can find its way into your boat's bilge in various ways:

  • AC condensation

  • Engine exhaust - drips/condensation

  • Built in coolers, fish boxes, rod or drink holders

  • Minor leaks, especially around hatches and windows

  • Sailboat mast and associated hardware

  • Wash-down water during cleaning

  • Nuisance water such as sea spray

  • Rainwater, especially if your boat sits on a lift or trailer for long periods

BILGE-B-DRY is the most cost-effective, easiest solution on the market for removing the few inches of unwanted bilge water that never seems to clear from your bilge, in areas where your primary bilge pump cannot reach. Aside from replacing your low-profile bilge water pick up once or twice a year, BILGE-B-DRY requires no further maintenance. With extra-long hoses, a low profile and small design, BILGE-B-DRY is the perfect pump to place anywhere in your bilge where you see standing water. Visit our Facebook page to see our customer reviews!

Learn more about BILGE-B-DRY - Mobile

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