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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

We have a new unexpected boat project on the list. During systems check I found a decent amount of water in the bilge. I tasted it to see if it was salt or fresh water. Noticing it was salt I immediately checked every through hull and the engine. No luck finding the leak. As I put load on the diesel, the leak was found at the exhaust elbow. Just 30 nautical miles in thick fog by myself to go. The plan was to stop and manually empty the bilge, however, this wasn’t the safest option in the fog with no lookout. I contacted Neptune Sky as we installed their small bilge b dry pump last winter. It’s purpose is to just keep the small amount of water that gathers in the bilge out. I asked how long I continuously could run the pump. It’s only been tested to 5 hours at the factory. Well in short, I pushed that little pump 7 hours as it kept up perfectly with the ingress of salt water and made it to port. #singlehandedsailing #sailing #sailinglife #sail #sailinstagram #sailinginstagram #sailing_feature #sailingadventure #yachtandsail #yachtsman #yachting #yacthlife #sanjuanislands #spencersailboats #spencer46 #neptuneskyllc #bilgebdry

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